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Paradigm Partners Ltd is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Howden UK Group Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of general insurance business.

Howden Professional Indemnity Insurance

Howden has specialised in providing professional indemnity broking and advisory services to the financial services community for over 20 years. With a department boasting over 140 professional indemnity specialists, the dedicated financial services PI team advise and place a wide range of financial services firms from sole practitioners to national networks to platform providers. There is a wealth of experience within the team and not much the team hasn’t seen, though probably not everything.

Howden & Paradigm

Howden have worked with Paradigm to provide PI solutions for their Partner firms since 2008. Although Howden are a slightly older business (founded in 1994), Paradigm and Howden have continued to grow together since 2008 based on shared ethos and values through expertise, care and attention. Howden’s parent company, Hyperion, is the world’s largest employee owned insurance group, which is a model that attracts and retains the best talent and which shares an affinity with the Paradigm model.

Indeed, where Paradigm are deemed an Introducer of business to Howden it is agreed that upon first placement of PI for a Partner firm that 10% of the premium is ceded to Paradigm, of which the Partner firm will receive 50% back from Paradigm.

Howden are always happy to offer insurance guidance to Paradigm Partner firms, irrespective of whether your PI business is placed with Howden. They also offer Paradigm Partner firms a confidential, no obligation professional indemnity insurance review which provides a quick, simple way of checking that you are paying the right price for the right cover.

More than just brokers

  • Bespoke PII policy wording to provide comprehensive cover for Paradigm Partner firms
  • Direct access to and support from your own experienced Account Executive and Claims Executive
  • The capacity to respond effectively in the event of a claim sets a good broker apart.  Howden’s in-house claims department is an integral part of their PII team.  Their 30 claims experts have successfully handled over £500m of paid claims in the last decade  
  • Proactive service based on an in-depth understanding of your sector’s evolving business, regulatory and operational environment
  • No obligation advisory services for all firms from start-up to established businesses.
  • Free of charge, confidential PI review service.
  • A broker that is respected by your peer group, your regulator and your professional advisers.

Why use Howden?

The financial services sector never seems to enjoy a quiet moment. From endowment advice issues dating back 30 years to the pensions review of the 1990’s, changes in regulator and regulatory position, the unique position and structure of the ombudsman, constant changes to legislation and the recurring themes of ‘esoteric’ investment products, the challenges continue.

Effectively managing professional indemnity insurance in a changing market place demands the appointment of a specialist broker who understands the impact those changes have on premium, risk management, policy coverage and claims. Howden can demonstrate that they have consistently risen to that challenge for financial services firms over a considerable period of time.

Stay ahead of the risk

Stay informed about risk and insurance by subscribing, free of charge, to Pi magazine and Howden e-bulletins. For friendly informal guidance on any aspect of your business insurance arrangements, please contact:

Michael Monaghan
Senior Account Executive
Direct Dial: 0207 133 1438
Email: michael.monaghan@howdengroup.com

Steve Ray
Direct Dial: 0207 133 1474
Email: steve.ray@howdengroup.com