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Brand Financial Training

Brand Financial Training

The world of CII exams can get very confusing, with many exams feeding into one or more qualifications and multiple rules, within a qualification, about what exams can and cannot be sat in conjunction with others.  And once you’ve pin-pointed which exam you need to sit, you need to somehow find resources to help.  It can be a nightmare, and we know from your feedback that it’s an area where you’d appreciate a helping hand.

We have listened to you, and we are now very pleased to announce that Paradigm have partnered with Brand Financial Training.  With their team of highly qualified and experienced trainers and authors, they provide information and guidance on qualifications, including the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning, as well as resources for individual exams such as AF exams, R0 exams and J0 exams and adviser assessment test resources.

Resources they offer to help you with your exams include mock papers, calculation workbooks, study notes, e-learning videos, R06 & AF5 exam analysis and more.  Brand Financial Training understand that it can be a challenge deciding which resources best meet your individual learning requirements.  To help you determine which are the best resources for you, you can download taster versions of each resource to try them out – entirely free of charge.

Brand Financial Training also have their own “adviser assessment tests” for CPD knowledge evaluation in response to firms looking for a credible and cost-effective alternative to the FCA re-evaluation examination. Full details are available at https://brandft.co.uk/cpd-assessment-testing/

Why Brand Financial Training?

Brand Financial Training have been around since 2008, providing CII exam candidates with immediately accessible, quality learning resources. Over 40,000 of your peers use their exam resources and there have been over 150,000 downloads of their free resources since 2008. And those numbers keep on growing!

Brand Financial Training are different from many other providers of exam materials, as most of their resources are available as electronic PDF files, allowing you to quickly access, print your resources and obtain a hard copy. Most of their customers prefer this to web-based systems simply, because being able to scribble on an actual printout helps with learning and referring back.

Of great importance to them is to provide you with excellent customer service. As well as providing a 30 day money-back guarantee, they do all they can to make your exam journey and your experience with them a happy one. If you’re not happy, then they’re not happy and you get your money back.

Where to Find Brand Financial Training

Visit the Paradigm web page.

You can also read useful articles and industry news via their blog, via twitter @CatrionaBrand and also on LinkedIn.