The Art of Consultancy

If you’ve not previously considered financial consultancy support to be an art, then maybe it’s time to think again.

The Art of Consultancy

7 Jan 2019

David Ryder

To truly make a difference to someone’s business it takes a strong combination of knowledge, support, excellence and skill to add real tangible value, provide clear results and consistently deliver above and beyond expectations.

But why use a consultant?

Working with a financial consultant provides a number of advantages in order to give your business a commercial and competitive edge.

  1. Exposure to different expertise. Consultants often have experience from a number of different environments and sectors.  This can lead to seeing things differently and providing a fresh and sometimes dynamic perspective for your business.

  2. Speed of Delivery. A consultant is dedicated to the task in hand to ensure focus and speedy delivery for all tasks.  Often in-house staff are ‘spread too thin’.

  3. Knowledge. Consultants bring deep sector specific knowledge and skills that are sometimes absent in-house.

  4. Ability to Challenge. Consultants are unencumbered by internal politics and structure.  A great consultant will be an independent sounding board, an objective challenger of deep rooted practices and not be afraid to put ideas and suggestions forward in a confident and assured way.

How can a Consultant help Financial Services firms?

Being a great consultant isn’t simply about delivering a service and ticking boxes. A great consultant will listen, empathise, analyse and challenge.  They will draw on their extensive experience in order to bring a different way of thinking into a firm. They will get under the skin of a business, develop trusting relationships and build long term partnerships where they become an extended member of your firm.
The work a consultant can help you with is varied, ranging from helping to design an improved client proposition, assisting with the acquisition of a new business through to a complete root and branch review of a firm’s ethos, culture, systems and controls, something particularly important as the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR) approaches.

How can a Consultant work with you?

As mentioned already, the most effective consultancy work is where a long term relationship is established, with the consultant becoming an extended member of your firm.  A consultancy service will, however, also provide ‘one-off’ assistance for particular tasks and bring their knowledge, support and excellence to a firm for a short period.

Paradigm Partners has recently rebranded to Paradigm Consulting. Why have we done this?

Because we have perfected ‘The Art of Consultancy’ and with our knowledge, support and excellence we can help your business to achieve even more. How do we know this? Our clients tell us…
“In our deeply regulated IFA environment, you need, not want but need a totally consistent compliance service to ensure you have the best opportunity to navigate the compliance burden placed upon us.

“Since inception Paradigm have provided a totally consistent and extremely competent consultancy service that in my opinion is unparalleled in our industry. My firm celebrated 25 years recently and there is no doubt that Paradigm is instrumental in our continued business success.”
Howard Lee, Managing Director of Burgess and Lee Ltd 

Check out our website to discover how using a consultancy service can help your business become the best that it can possibly be www.consultparadigm.co.uk